You Can’t Be Happy All The Time

By April 12, 2016Meditation

It’s true. You really can’t be happy all the time. This is a truth that won’t ever change even if you reach a super conscious nirvana like state. There is so much emphasis on trying to be happy and staying happy that I feel people are under more pressure to be happy all the time. And when they are not happy it makes them feel abnormal or depressed. In this case not being happy is giving people depression!

Happiness can be reached but not sustained because it is more of an emotional state and from a western point of view it usually depends on something happening to make us happy. Celebrating a birthday, having a drink with friends, getting a raise in salary, having a baby, getting married or even someone smiling at us. Being happy for the sake of nothing isn’t tangible in our society. Also happiness has an opposite side to it.

Happiness has an extreme and opposite state which is sadness. The Yogic path stresses the importance of contentment (The One Plan) because this state of mind is neither too up and not too down in our emotional level. It is also more a state of being rather than a level which we try to reach.

In this state we are not so disturbed when we receive bad news.

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Once we are very rooted in this state there is actually no bad or good news to hear. It is all just news and we don’t feel one way or another about it. Now I know this is a little shocking to the person who is emotional but this state of being will bring everyone a peaceful mind but it is not something everyone can attain.

People of an emotional or highly sensitive nature will find contentment difficult to reach. People who over use their senses to find comfort and pleasure in everything will also find it very challenging to reach this state of being.

Because contentment is such a high state of being it takes some work to get there but it also rewards you with so much peace that your mind will be in a state of calm most of the time. You will have undivided focus and find completing tasks or challenges quite simple. It will make your whole life find new meaning and direction.


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