Yes Yogi Cameron, I Want This!

Here's what I'm doing:

I'm applying to have an initial consultation with Yogi Cameron and potentially become a personal client.

And in doing so, I'm also paying for the initial consult, which is $375.

(Please read through the rest of this very carefully for all instructions).

This is what I know will happen next:

  • Yogi Cameron will personally review my application
  • If Yogi Cameron feels he can help me, and we are a good fit, Yogi Cameron’s assistant will contact me to set up a time for me to speak with Yogi Cameron personally
  • If my application is not accepted, or for any reason Yogi Cameron might not be able to help me, I will get an immediate refund of my $375 deposit
  • Our initial consultation is solely to discuss issues I have, and to create an actionable plan together for me to achieve my goals moving forward
  • The initial consultation will provide a blueprint for my ongoing success, but specifics will obviously be uncovered with more intensive one-on-one coaching
  • I understand the solutions to my problems cannot be solved in an initial 45 minute conversation, and that the initial consult is merely to uncover issues that I might have and create an initial plan to solve those issues moving forward
  • During our initial conversation, I understand that I should be in a quite place where I can focus on myself and my conversation with Yogi Cameron, and if I want to take notes I can 
  • I understand that these are one-on-one consultations between myself and Yogi Cameron (this is not group calls, or group coaching)
  • If I for any reason do not make the initial consultation appointment, my $375 deposit is NOT refundable
  • If for any reason I change my mind and do not want to go ahead with the initial consultation appointment, I must request a refund by emailing [email protected] for my $375 deposit within 30 Days of initial application date. Otherwise my deposit of $375 will be NON refundable after 30 days of applying.
  • After paying for the initial consultation, and if I'm accepted, I have 30 Days from the time that my application is approved to schedule the first appointment.  If I do not schedule my first appointment within 30 of application approval, I will forfeit my deposit of $375 
  • If I need to reschedule my initial consultation, I must do so within 24 hours of my scheduled appointment, or I will also forfeit my initial deposit of $375
  • I can decide to take the plan that Yogi Cameron and I created together and implement the changes on my own, or I can become a private client of Yogi Cameron where he will personally help me achieve my goals
  • If, after our initial consultation we decide we are a good fit, I will have the choice of becoming a private client of Yogi Cameron
  • If I choose to work with Yogi Cameron after my initial consultation, the investment is 4 monthly payments of $449 for one-on-one coaching, which is paid automatically every month via credit card
  • The investment also includes email access where I can submit questions to Yogi Cameron for personal guidance along my journey of change 
  • Due to Yogi Cameron’s busy schedule, it might take up to 48 hours for Yogi Cameron to reply to any emails I send
  • The SOLE PURPOSE of all of this is for me to get better health, understand myself better, become grounded, or any other issues related to Diet, Health, Well-being, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Mental Focus, Fasting, Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation
  • I may or may not decide to become a private client of Yogi Cameron, which will be my choice
  • I realize this is by application only, and appointments are granted on a first come, first served basis
  • Because of the high demand for one-on-one coaching with Yogi Cameron, I understand that if I decide to move forward with private coaching, and I've committed to 90 days of one-on-one time with Yogi Cameron, that I cannot cancel my private coaching with Yogi Cameron. 
  • Once I submit my initial deposit, I will receive a confirmation with instructions on how to fill out the pre-consultation application

Payment Info:

  • NOTE: Currently we are only accepting credit cards for payment of the initial consultation
  • By clicking the button below, you are in agreement with everything stated above