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One-On-One Coaching

Book a call to speak live with Yogi Cameron or Yogini Jaima to create a plan that works for you. 

Yogi Cameron

Get one-on-one support from Yogi Cameron through personal coaching to develop a Health Plan that works for your body and mind type.


Yogini Jaima

Book a one-on-one session with Yogini Jaima to strengthen your daily spiritual practice and gain clarity over any major blockages you are going through.


Work with Yogi Cameron

I’m looking for a few select committed private clients that I can guide to make significant changes in their life and arrive at some major results. Through first having a consultation we can work out what the root problems are and what needs to happen for you to have practical solutions. If you are much more committed and determined, then we can speak about going deeper and working together over the next few months.

We’ll work together to achieve your most important goals, including understanding the root problem of your negative habits or inconsistency which are holding you back.

You’ll gain clearer focus to achieve your goals and purpose so you can move forward and not feel stagnant. This will be essential to solve not just the symptoms of your problems but also detect the causes and come up with practices and methods to move past all the heavy energy.

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What Can Working with
Yogi Cameron and Yogini Jaima Do for You?

  • Lose weight by making small changes to your diet
  • Relieve stress through natural remedies
  • Become more confident through concentration practices
  • Tackle a health issue by understanding its root cause
  • Suggest a daily spiritual practice to help you ground yourself
  • Harmonize your life as a whole on all levels of body, mind, and spirit
  • Create a routine which balances your whole life
  • Create practices that build will power
  • Find ways to strengthen your discipline
  • Guide you to understand yourself better so you don’t feel the need for others to understand you
  • Help you to be more self-sufficient so you are less reliant on others mentally and emotionally
  • Build confidence to achieve any goal you set your mind to

Work with Yogini Jaima

Women are the source of an abundance of power within, but in modern times we have lost our way. The essence of my work is to guide women back to their feminine source, to connect with their inner power that bears the fruits of love, compassion, and peace, and that can give them everything they could ever need. We are stronger than we know and our potential is endless all we have to do is access it.

As a Yogini, I understand the science of energy which is everything in this Universe and life. Health and happiness can be reached through physical, mental, and spiritual activities. 
I specialize in guiding and mentoring woman on the Yogic Path to be able to open up any blockages that are limiting them and find their inner strength through the correct daily Spiritual Practice. There is an empowered woman within you and my path is to guide you to her.

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Exclusive Programs

Join an online program to get in-depth lessons, live coaching calls, access to exclusive Facebook groups and more. 

Join the 8-Week Transform Your Health Program Ayurvedic diet program, with recorded videos, live coaching calls and more. 


Become a member of The Inner Yogi, a community of conscious individuals on their path to spiritual and physical well-being.


Experience greater health, gain higher consciousness and find your true purpose using the Seven Universal Laws of Infinite Success.


The Inner Yogi Community

Live a healthier, more inspired life by joining the best community of conscious individuals. Each week, you’ll receive a new lesson to further your knowledge and practice on the subjects of Ayurveda, meditation, yoga and so much more. PLUS, get access to Yogi Cameron’s extensive ailments directory to learn how to heal yourself naturally, including diet changes, aromatherapy, yoga postures, and more.

The best part about The Inner Yogi? The community. Hear stories from others about their path to greater health inside the exclusive Facebook group. Plus, you can join Yogi Cameron LIVE on monthly calls and Facebook LIVE to have your questions answered.


Transform Your Health

If you’re a practitioner who is looking to add credible and revenue-generating services to their business through Ayurvedic diet and nutrition workshops and retreats, then this is the program for you.

The Transform Your Health Program Certification Program has been designed to help you to understand diet and nutrition for each individual body and mind type. Through the program, you’ll learn how each person should eat and drink to truly benefit their health and how to make changes based on ailments, weather, seasons, emotions and more. You’ll learn how to use ancient Ayurvedic sciences in the modern world.

Not a practitioner? Contact us to learn how you can enroll in the course as an individual on their path to perfect health.


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