Why Your Method Of Practice Is The Key To Reaching All Your Goals

By March 29, 2016Yoga

So much is said and written, about the different methods people need to use to make great changes in their life to reach the goals set out before them. This is true for you too. There are many methods and many teachers to guide you on your journey of change but you will need to know what methods or techniques to practice to reach the desired results you are wishing for.

For example if you’re looking to lose some weight then you will not only have to follow some physical practices like Yoga postures to work off the excess weight but you will also need to follow a science like an Ayurvedic diet to help you not put the weight back on. Or if you are looking to find more energy and mental clarity then you will have to practice some breathing techniques to open up the channels of the system and to also do some meditation to calm the mind and senses from having so much stimulation.

The methods you choose to practice with are just as important as the practice itself because they form the basis of your foundation. I come across more people who keep failing at reaching their goals because they don’t stick to a method of practice long enough to experience the full power it harnesses. On my journey with Ayurvedic medicine and the Yogic path I have stuck with the same practices for the last 13 years and will do so for the rest of my time on earth. Following a certain path is like finding a relationship with someone that you can always work things out with. They have the same basic principals and values like you do so even if you don’t grow at the same pace or find other interests, you always operate from the same foundation because it is not just what you believe in but it is what you are fully invested in.

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For example I training for 6 months and becoming a master reflexologist back in early 2000. But I put this aside once I was fully invested in my training in Ayurvedic medicine which does not come from this method or philosophy. People tend to think more is better so if they train in different philosophies or techniques that they will be able to do more. But what I see with this type of mentality is that the practitioners themselves becomes more confused and also they themselves end up not following one particular field to become a master in it. This will also happen or has already happened to you. You may have tried so man things that now you have a bucket full of tricks but no real foundation. Similar in the way that the stomach becomes less efficient at burning fat when too many mixtures of food are eaten, the more methods of practice we do at gym,  yoga centers and other education places we tend to lose our focus of one thing. Trying to go to university and graduate with 10 majors is not a great life plan.

Here are some things to ask yourself to make sure you are following the correct path and are giving yourself long enough to excel in it.

  • What path am I following? Is this clear to you or is it a little vague. Are you following a bunch of different practices and not dedicated to one. This will make you ok at different methods but never a master of one particular path.
  • Are you sure of what you are doing? Meaning do you wake up every morning and know exactly what practices you are going to do or are you taking things as they come. This is a big mistake as this approach will leave you confused once the novelty of newness rubs off and you have to get down to hard work.
  • Has your path brought you peace and direction in your life? When you follow a path- be it a Yogic, religious or any other path that you may be dedicated to, has this journey brought you the direction you need to support your daily life.
  • Has your practice method been a guide and taught you the way through the most difficult times of your life? Does the path you follow teach you and guide you through all the difficult moments of life while showing you why it is necessary to pass through such moments.
  • Have you been practicing for at least 10 years with one method or path? This is a very important point. If you haven’t given your method of practice enough time to mature then you won’t know if it working fully or not. It is very common in today’s age that people take courses and read books then think they have all the answers. This of course is not the case. We need a lot of practice to reach our most desired goals.

Once you have answered these questions it will either be the time to choose the correct method of physical, mental and spiritual practice from everything you already know and dedicate time to it every day, or it will be time for you to learn and follow a path that will be with you for the next ten years so you can grow and dive deep into following every aspect of its practices.

Remember you want to be great at something and not just ok at it. Why settle for ok when you can master something and then use the knowledge and practice to make your life the best it can be.


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