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Sages ten thousand years ago brought the most practical and powerful practices to help move us beyond our limited minds, our limited circumstance and our limited fear based thinking. These practices enabled the practitioner to be able to decode the most potent power within themselves. The ancient texts speak about the present age (Kali Yuga) where people will be living in uncertain times, with more diseases, with fearful minds and our collective unity challenged to the point of self destruction.

The Yogi Code brings you ancient practices and shows you how to apply them into your modern day life so you can experience health on a physical level, clarity on a mental level and consciousness on a spiritual level. These secretive methods to elevate your consciousness are methodically woven together in a series of seven scientific steps, starting with the most basic of practices and leading to the ultimate energy that each one of us is looking to live in- namely love.


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ROUTINE The Key to Healthy Habits

How many unhealthy habits do you have that are holding you back in life, bringing on ailments and lowering your energy to a minimum? Many right? How long has it been that you promise to change your disorganized Routine so it serves your lifestyle but you don’t seem to be able to commit some time to it? In this module we will go through the root cause of your destructive routine and how to make the necessary shifts. Here you will learn to live with positive habits that create a balance in your body and mind.

PRACTICE The Key to Your Foundation

How many mornings do you wake with fear of the day ahead and go to bed not feeling fulfilled mentally, physically and spiritually? And how long has it been that you wonder when this cycle will end? Have you started and stopped your spiritual practice many times over the years which has becoming frustrating or are you just doing the ‘customary' 20 minutes but not elevating to reach your higher potential? By consistently doing the five ancient Yogi Code practices you’ll be able to face any challenge, rise above the daily difficulties and move through your life with enthusiasm, joy and balance.

SELF-STUDY The Key to Who You Are

Do you know who you are on the mental and spiritual level? Are you aware of all your actions, words and thoughts? Do you know why you think the way you do and why you seem to encounter the same mistakes, difficulties and fears over and over even when the situation or relationship seems to be different? This is because you don’t really know or understand your self (your nature) on a more subtle and deeper level. Without knowing your nature from birth you will be confused most of the time to why your life has no direction or deeper meaning. Through self study you’ll learn to know yourself completely so you don’t waste any more time on things which are distracting you from the destiny that is awaiting you.

INTENTION The Key to Manifest

Don’t you want to manifest success, health and love but you keep manifesting pain and conflict? Are you so far off or seems to always be so close to achieving something great but then it vanishes as if it was never meant for you? This happens when you have not taken the step before to understand your self and then to start thinking about what intentions support your nature. In this section we will be discussing the way that specific intentions are set, for the result you want. There is a science that goes along with each intention as each thought and word carries with it the energy to manifest what you want or what you are avoiding.

PURPOSE The Key to Your Life's Destiny

Are you living the deeper meaning and purposeful existence which was set out for you from birth or are you just living a’normal’ life? Are you living with fulfillment and joy where each day is a blessing which is bringing you closer to your destiny or are you just putting up with your circumstances or relationship until something miraculously changes? Do you know your purpose and are you living it yet? Each of us has created our own mind purposes which are made up of goals, results and achievements on the outer material level and also on a higher level we have our ultimate soul’s purpose which is coming from our karmic journey which needs completing for us to become the super conscious being that we are.

SERVICE The Key to Empowerment

Do you want to feel like you’re connected to everyone, have no conflicts and be able to unite in harmony even in the most destructive of times? Does this sound so far from your current mindset and situation? Being of service is more about an attitude than just an action. It's about opening up to seeing all as one and moving past our disconnect with someone or a situation. In this module you will start learning to be of Service in everything you do and you will be empowered beyond all your limitations which you have created over the many years. You will be extremely surprised how this is possible and how it happens so quickly. When you give freely you will also receive freely.

LOVE The Key to Everyone's Heart

Have you been let down in love and find this the most elusive energy to share with others? Do you have a hard time trying to understand what a loving friendship, relationship or even self-love looks like? This is the aspect of life everyone feels lost or disappointed in. Learning to share and receiving pure love with every single being on earth is the highest experience and state of being anyone can work towards. Once this piece of the puzzle is accomplished, you will feel whole and complete as a physical, mental and spiritual being who is capable of any feat in life without ever feeling unfulfilled or unsuccessful again.


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With expertly created practices and ancient teachings to fit into our hectic and fast-paced days, The Yogi Code supports you in your quest to set abundant intentions, live in love and reach your eternal purpose. Thousands of years of Yogic wisdom are distilled into a code of seven daily practices that enable the modern, successful person to look better, feel better, and live a purposeful life.



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