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As a member, you’ll have access to highly produced, highly curated video content where you’ll learn all aspects of natural, spiritual and peaceful living including Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and more.

Private Facebook Group

Discuss natural living, ask questions, gain helpful insights, and create new friendships. All content is delivered straight to the group so that you never miss a thing, including LIVE videos with me.

LIVE Monthly Coaching Calls

Join Yogi Cameron on the LIVE coaching calls where we'll discuss the topics covered in the weekly lessons and your pressing questions about your health, diet, practice and everything in between.

Daily Spiritual Practices

Build your spiritual foundation with a daily practices of your own including Yoga, breathing and meditation practices. This is what will give you the grounding you need to make limitless and loving decisions.

In-Depth Ebook Library

The ebook library is a collection of the best knowledge consolidated in downloadable ebooks. Subjects include an overview of Ayurveda, Yoga routines, meditation techniques, and recipes books.

Exclusive Ailments Directory

The Heal Yourself Naturally Directory explains in full detail the Ayurvedic approach to common ailments, including recommended diet, Yoga postures, mediations, herbal medicines and more.

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Learn transformative lessons from wellness experts from our Transform Your Life Summit, included in your membership






















"There’s nowhere else you can get this kind of content."

Who is this for?

The Workaholic

You've told yourself that you can do it all, that you have super powers, that you have endless energy and you keep taking on more. However, your genius has yet to be discovered and your passion for life is beautiful but it needs direction and balance. You are a fountain of energy which when focused with the right practices will make you into grounder with a solid foundation. From here you can conquer the world and stay healthy.

The Excuse-Maker

You feel you've done your best but you have never managed to reach your fullest potential and something has always been in your way. You have put your focus and attention on all your limitations and not your highest potential. You've forgotten that there is titan inside of you and that you are a reservoir of talent and very gifted. You just need to focus on one thing so you can become great again and lead the way forward and inspire others to do the same.

The Super Busy Professional

Are you really busy and have a full on schedule and lifestyle? You are not alone. Many like you are in our Inner Yogi Community finding new ways to streamline and simplify their life so they have more time to do the things they love and still maintain a great level of freedom.

The Lost Yogi

You've been practicing for years but now realize that your practice isn't serving you. You've forgotten your purpose and your intentions for doing the work you do. You understand much of the yogic philosophies but you've spoken about them so much that they are now just a part of your speech but not your practice. Discovering this is helping you to course-correct and continue on your journey.

The People-Pleaser

You know how important it is to take care of yourself, but you the lack of balance it takes to put yourself before others. Something has to give or you know there will be physical and emotional consequences. Now is your chance to set aside some time for your interests and to be enthusiastic again about your life. It's time to learn what living in balance and harmony feels like. Welcome to your new life. 



"There’s nowhere else you can get this kind of content. You can Google all different things on the Internet, but if you have one place to go, this should be it. You know you’re going to get your answers here. Reading information from all different kinds of people only makes you more confused. I stick to the teachings of Yogi Cameron and I’m no longer overwhelmed. Anyone who is on this path, it’s definitely worth it to sign up for this." - Dina Pair

"The biggest difference I see since before using this program is that I get up knowing what I need to do. This is an absolute must for anyone is looking for a more spiritual or healthier lifestyle. It is definitely for those people who want to go to the next level. I highly recommend it. There’s fantastic support and community that it comes with - you really have nothing to lose. I hope everyone has as good a journey as I have." - Amanda Dow

"Community is the greatest tool you can use to enhance your energy and learn from others. Everyone has a unique experience. Everyone is going through their own challenges. What I’ve learned is people will usually take action because of inspiration or desperation. I came to this program because of some health issues. By learning from the community and Yogi Cameron about Ayurveda, my health is now fantastic." - Jordan Siegel

"I am a Yoga practitioner and have found the Ayurvedic Diet Program to be life changing in so many ways. It has firstly taught me that these teachings come from Vedas that are thousands of years old. The Ancient knowledge does not change throughout the time and is always authentic. My life has transformed in a way that I’m more conscious of Self Healing and understanding the root cause of any symptoms I may have. I can now be a more authentic teacher and guide others to their balance. What a gift it has been." - Karina Cuellar

"The eight week Ayurvedic program that Yogi Cameron, is offering is amazing. Simple to follow, and incorporate, to your lifestyle, the class is a gift for your health! For a more peaceful, healthy understanding of food, and its purpose in our life. I highly recommend this class. Yogi Cameron, is extremely knowledgeable, and interactive with, answering questions and giving advice. Truly life changing!! Thank you, Yogi Cameron!" - Laina Poulakos

"I just finished the Ayurvedic Dietician Program with YC and I learned an incredible amount of new knowledge, while also transforming the way I think about eating. I am more in tune with my body -- I let my body, dosha and intuition dictate my diet instead of my emotions and psychological cravings. Without even realizing it, I lost 7lbs. over the course of the program! I highly recommend it to those interested in nutrition, Ayurveda, and overall health. I could not be happier!" - Shari Gittleman

"Yogi Cameron has been a big part of improving my health, and he can do the same for you."

Ellen Degeneres
Host, The Ellen Show

About Yogi Cameron

Yogi Cameron is one of the most celebrated Ayurvedic and Yogi practitioners in the world. He has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, WSJ, The New York Times and more.

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