Mantra practice doesn’t have to be such a solitary experience. With “Mantras for Sadhana,” Yogi Cameron chants a series of different mantras that are staples of the Yogic path and are featured in various contexts throughout The One Plan. Through this album, you have an opportunity to enjoy the guidance of Yogi Cameron’s grounding voice as you practice some of the most ancient Yogic traditions.

This album is mainly for people who want to repeat the mantras as part of their daily practice.

On the Yogic path, we work to resolve afflictions of the mind. Mantra is a phrase or a lengthier passage of text that helps to achieve this. In the Yogic tradition, mantras are based on the Sanskrit language. The sounds and thoughts created by reciting certain Sanskrit syllables cause vibrations that have a purifying resonance in the mind. The purity brought on by repetition of these words cleanses the mind of its toxic thoughts, much like drinking water purifies the body’s channels of their toxicity. This leads to a less preoccupied mind, and as we commit more and more of our lives to experiencing such a state, we commit more and more of our lives to peace and wellness.