The Path To Looking and Feeling Your Best

A self guided 21 video series by Yogi Cameron


Cleansing rituals

Are there any rituals and routines which you go through daily, weekly or monthly to remove toxicity out of the body and mind?

Detox practices

Any kind of practices to cleanse the senses and help the mind ‘detox’ from all the noise it has to deal with?

Do you cleanse the digestions and strengthen it every day?

Do you treat the skin of the body with nourishing medicines?

Do you clean the liver, kidneys or blood that are full of environmental pollutants?

Do you clear all the negative vibrations in the mind or subconscious that interrupt your sleep?

What is the Self Cleanse Protocol?

It’s a series of HOME Routines and Rituals to Cleanse and Nourish the Skin, Inner Organs, Channels and Sense Organs of the Eyes, Nasal Passage, Ears, Mouth.

These essential 21 Practices are a ‘Do It Yourself’ routine which we as Yogis do at home each morning, night and weekends. 

Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic practices, this routine will take the body, mind, and senses on a cleansing journey so they are purified inside out.

This tradition of cleansing goes back many thousands of years and has the backing of science to why it is a necessary part of our Health, Healing and Beauty regimen. 

This is also the main way we PREVENT disease and ailments taking root in the body and mind due to overuse and extreme work and lifestyle habits. 

To prevent the skin, organs, channels and mind aging rapidly- these daily, weekly or monthly Protocols are the first line of defense against the harsh environment, artificial living conditions, electronics, weather and stresses that stand in the way of you looking and feeling your best.

What are these Protocols?

Some of you have had the opportunity to come to our Deep Cell Detox weekend retreat at our home where we take you through these Protocols of cleansing and nourishing the sense organs, the skin and inner organs.

It’s a full weekend of not just cleansing the body but also getting the mind to a place of surrender and Joy.

This Self Cleanse Protocol has all the practices we go through during this weekend which you will do for yourself. You will be taught the knowledge of how to keep yourself at optimal health while learning the Protocol Practices so you can do them for yourself at home.

The three areas of cleansing are listed below. When these Protocols are done regularly, you find your body and mind work on a whole new healthy and pure level.

Skin Cleanse

The skin is the largest organ of the body which is responsible for many different functions. You will be cleansing the whole body with steam and different medicated oils.

Sense Organs Cleanse

The eyes, nose, ears and mouth need some serious cleansing and attention as they never get any treatments. You will be cleansing and nourishing these organs.

Mind Cleanse

The mind and senses will be taken through practices so while the body is becoming stronger and pure, the mind also has its Protocol to become focused and gain better clarity.

How is the Protocol set up?

Everything is in short video format (4-7 min pieces) where I will speak about the treatment, what the benefits are and how to do them for yourself

Simple, quick and easy.

You can choose which Protocol to do on different days or to do them once a week or once a month. It’s really about doing them regularly enough so you make a difference to your health in the short and long term. 

But you should also become in tune with what your body and mind need at the moment and make sure to do the treatment and practices most needed.

So if you are using your computer for 12 hours and sitting in artificial light but not speaking, then your eyes will need a lot more attention than your mouth or ears.

This Protocol has been set up as a support system to your busy lifestyle, especially if you live and work in the bigger cities.

If you live in the countryside you won’t need to do the treatments as often as the air and water quality should be better where you live.

As we are going through a moment of time which many people are having financial hardship, I am staggering the price so you can pick the price that best reflects your income.

If you are still finding that you cannot afford the price please send us an email at [email protected] and we will send you the Protocol as a gift.



Includes 21 video pieces

Videos 4-7 minutes long

Easy do it yourself techniques

Protocols created by Yogi Cameron





Includes 21 video pieces

Videos 4-7 minutes long

Easy do it yourself techniques

Protocols created by Yogi Cameron



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