with Yogi Cameron

Does your body need healing from ailments and suffering? Does your mind need to refocus and arrive in a state of peace and harmony? 

Then Read On

Are you looking to solve the following:


  • Heal your physical body from different ailments?
  • Get to the root of your long-term physical imbalances?
  • Understand the perfect diet for your body size and type?
  • Have a step by step plan of how to manage pain and discomforts?
  • Implement a lifestyle that is plant based, vegan or vegetarian?
  • Work on focusing the mind for better attention span and memory?
  • Calming the mind to be able to experience deep REM sleep?
  • Learn deeper spiritual practices to start living a more purposeful  existence?
  • Build and sustain a harmonious and loving relationship with yourself?

In reading this list you will see that we are addresses your health and wellbeing from a 360 degree of body, mind and spirituality.

We do this because Ayurvedic medicine and Yogic science don’t just focus on one part of the ‘health equation’ like modern medicine which compartmentalizes each disease or health issue.

In modern medicine you go to a doctor for stomach pain or allergies and usually leave with some medication.

And if you have a mind and emotional issue you visit a psychiatrists for some comfort or relief and also maybe get medication.

In both cases only symptoms are being treated and not the cause which is creating the problem from a root level.

This is why treating symptoms with pills brings on reoccurring stronger symptoms because the root cause has not been treated.

In Ayurvedic medicine we look at the body and mind as part of the same unit because everything from food, drinks, thoughts and emotions that go through the body effect the mind and vice versa.

The body and mind should be treated as one unit if we are to heal or move beyond all our ailments and pain.


Are you suffering from anything in the body or mind? Is it a long-term ailment or short term?

Maybe you are suffering spiritually because you are stuck and don’t know how to evolve to your next potential level? 

Maybe your relationships suffer or are not fulfilling because you don’t know yourself completely, don’t understand your partner’s nature or are conflicted with family members? 

For instance, in Ayurvedic medicine when dealing with a physical ailment we will still ask questions about your mental, emotional, spiritual habits as well as family and relationships.

This is because for example if you can’t sleep at night, it may have to do with a childhood impression that has never left your subconscious and not so much to do with your habit of watching tv in the bedroom at night.

You see, your nighttime habit may be making the symptoms worse but it may not be the cause. 

Or you may be making a great income, have a wonderful relationship and feeling healthy in the mind, but because you work so hard, your lunch time eating habit is starting to give you an ulcer which you don’t know about yet.

Again, most of your life could be in order but just one smaller aspect and habit throws your health into imbalance


Prevention is at the heart of Ayurvedic thinking because it enables us to not suffer in the first place. Healing and curing an ailment, takes time. But prevention is the step before, so you don’t have the issue in the first place.

To prevent an ailment means to live a balanced lifestyle in all aspects of your life. This is done through a complete natural diet, spiritual practices, a work routine with boundaries and a flexible positive outlook on life, so stress is kept under control.

It takes discipline and it takes dedication.

It takes persistence and a love for yourself.

Loving your body and mind, treating them with respect and not misusing them is the most preventative and healing action you can take.


Healing is like a journey we take through roads, mountains, valleys and rivers. It can be an up and down ride until we come out on the other side.

It is a process that needs our full attention because healing is not just physical or mental, it can be spiritual, karmic and planetary.

It can be simple or very complex. We don’t always know until we commit to healing wholeheartedly. This is why in Ayurvedic medicine and Yogic science we look at all aspects of a person's life and not just the obvious symptoms.

But there also needs to be a willingness and a deep desire to heal by surrendering yourself to something greater. It is our willingness to accept our ailments as a gift and to allow ourselves to be healed, that makes our journey a spiritual healing path. 

In other words, there is a good reason behind both the journey of sickness and the path to healing which allows us to grow in a positive way.

The ReBalance Process

Yogi will be using these steps to treat your condition or to solve any problems you may have in your body and mind.


Your first consult will be for ascertaining what the cause of your issue is, how to start the healing process and how to sustain the path towards full recovery.


By asking you questions and going through your history, Yogi will be able to map out a path to health and healing through Ayurvedic and Yogic practices.


Ayurveda and the Yogic sciences have very specific ways to treat a person depending on their Nature and condition of the body/mind. 

Start your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing Journey.

Apply for your private sessions with Yogi Cameron. Your application will be reviewed and when accepted, we will suggest how many sessions you will need for your healing to take place.

You will see three different lengths of sessions. A one time session, a six week session and a one year guidance support option. 

When applying, please describe your primary reason for wanting one or more sessions. The reasons can range from needing physical healing, mental support and direction or you need spiritual guidance and growth.

Highlight only your Primary reasons and concerns which need immediate attention.

If suffering from any conditions please list them.

State what medication you are taking.

State the symptoms and diagnosis has been from your doctor.

State how long you have had your ailment.

If we need more details we will be in touch.

Please note that this private service takes a commitment and investment of time and funds. If you are looking for guidance and teachings with practices that you can self implement on your own time, then please visit the Inspire Living area of the website for all the free and self guided content


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