Find The Right Yoga Postures For You

By April 19, 2016Yoga

Yoga has taken off as a physical discipline in recent years.  There are now plenty of opportunities to take classes in yoga studios and gyms across the country.  But with so many different opportunities to practice, how do we know what type of postures to try?

Ayurvedic tradition teaches us that different people have different body types—also known as constitutions.  And with these different physical types comes different ways to find balance.  Below are a few simple guidelines to help you to determine which sort of posture practice to pursue.

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Feeling airy and scattered? If you often feel anxious and overwhelmed, have trouble sleeping, and experience dry skin and constipation, favor posture sequences that help you to ground yourself and settle the mind. These will be sequences done with more longer breathing and slower movements so that the mind starts to be more still and less scattered.

Do you experience too much heat? If you are always on the go, sweat a lot, and even have breakouts on your skin, favor cooling and calming postures sequences that allow you to slow down. Being fiery with energy and doing yoga postures can lead to injuries. Choose a practice that helps your breath to stay constant without getting out of breath.

Is it difficult to get moving? If you feel sluggish, lethargic, and struggle with excess weight, favor more movement and heat in your posture sequence to transition out of your state of inertia into something more dynamic and productive. But with more movement also watch your actions so you are still breathing deep and long.


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