The path to uncovering your personal Archetype for Attracting, Harmonizing and Evolving in a mutual relationship of deep love. 


What is The “Alphabet Archetype."

It’s an in-depth journey to a profound understanding of your personal Archetype character which has its roots in the time, date and place of your birth together with the positioning and influence of the planets at this precise time.

Your personal Archetype explains who you are and why you act the way you do in every aspect of your life- especially in your relationships.

With your very first breath which introduced you to the outer world of elements, your soul entered a brand new environment and set into motion all your past karma as well as starting your present journey into a new world.

The plant positioning at birth, together with their respective energy centers in the spinal wall, have created your mind and emotions to be programmed with a particular tendency which is your Archetype energy.

This Archetype holds the key to your happiness and joy in your present or future relationships. Without an awareness of this Archetype character and blue print, it's a hit or miss if a person will ever experience a deeper union. 

Going on this journey of discovering your Alphabet Archetype will bring you to a complete conscious awareness of who you truly are underneath the mask of who you have become as a human character.

This awareness will show you the right direction forward to attracting the most loving partner, as well as healing or balancing your present relationship.


This process brings you to
an awareness of three truths...

Which Archetype characters you tend to attract as lovers or in relationships and which ones you would be best suited to as a partner.

Gives you the wisdom to balance the relationship you are in at present, by giving you a complete understanding of your partner’s Archetype and needs.

An awareness of changes and practices that are necessary for you to elevate and evolve into the relationship and love that is most important to you.

What is the reality of today’s relationship era?

Things are messy, frustrating and confusing when it comes to attracting love and being in a loving relationship. This is now a very common scenario because expectations and attitudes towards love have become much more emotional and flighty due to our fast moving lifestyles.

As our minds are now very distracted and disconnected through electronics, entertainment, social media and a fast moving lifestyle, so has our attitude changed towards being happy and in love.

Attracting love or being in a loving long term or life long union is seen as a dream which only happens to a lucky few.

But this is not the case from our experience.

Love and a beautiful relationship can be anyone’s reality if you use this system of Alphabet Archetypes, because it breaks through all the surface ideas, opinions, prejudices and past conflicts which cloud your vision.

Choosing a partner based on their Archetype and not on their outer facade, brings you straight to the perfect relationship without wasting years on experimenting or guessing.  

The key is first to know your own Archetype and needs and then to move forward to attract or rebalance your current relationship with the knowledge of your partner's Archetype.

Why do you respond to fear in relationships?

The fear our society operates on is now accepted as a ‘normal’ reality.

And the majority of our relationships don’t work and have a lot of conflicts because at the root people have not worked out their own basic character, who they are and who is best suited partner for their Archetype in a relationship.

Are any of the below descriptions true for you?

  • You’re not practicing self love before looking for outer love.
  • You don’t feel good or complete enough without someone else by your side.
  • You are in the wrong relationship because of social, economic or family pressures.
  • Your relationship is not based on spiritual principles.

All these reasons leave a person discontented, fearful or lost in love.

What happens when you operate out of fear?

Physically: it leaves you tired at a deep tissue level where you have body fatigue.

Mentally: it leaves you exhausted where you have brain fog and you start resisting or second guessing decisions, knowing you could be making another wrong choice.

Emotionally: it leaves you ashamed, unsure and more confused than before.

Spiritually: it leaves you discontented and unfulfilled, knowing you could be experiencing something much greater than you are.


Why Is This System The Best Approach For You?

Without Health and Healing you can’t enjoy love.

Without a Conscious Mind you’ll never be able to be present in your relationships.

Without knowledge of Vedic Astrology and the planets you won’t attract the right partner or balance your relationship because of your old 'karmic energy.'

This is not just a spiritual approach to relationships but a proven scientific one.

You need all three to succeed in love.

If you ask anyone on the planet what their deepest desire is, what puzzles them the most or what they find most challenging to balance- by far you will hear the same answer over and over:

“Relationships and Love."

From all our everyday activities, interactions and life routines- trying to find love, staying in love and not being bitter about love is a conversation people are having all over the globe.

Relationship conversations are not just a passing thought. These are serious conversations that have so much disappointment, fear, pain and anger behind them because people are confused about their place in a relationship and what they or their partner seem to be doing wrong.

Relationships have become much more about placing attention and blame on what is going Wrong rather than what Works.

Where does this system come from?

It's a system using the ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and Yogic science to determine your journey into this world at birth and how the planets, elements and universal consciousness have influenced your relationships on a Physical, Mental, Karmic and Spiritual level.

The system is rooted in the Vedas, the oldest books of knowledge. 

This is a first of its kind event bringing these three sciences together to approach relationships and love from the beginning of your life journey (past karmic level) to this very moment (the present conscious level) 

The three sciences of Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and Yogic Vidya are a complete approach to relationships and love as they help to uncover the secrets of the soul and the relationships it has chosen for its evolution.

Realign Your Relationship and Love

Your simplest and greatest most loving relationships are waiting for you. You just have to make the choice to live them.

Consciousness And Your Life Ahead.

Once you have taken in the depth of the road ahead of you through your karmic astrological roadmap and Archetype, it’s time to move forward with an awareness that keeps you on the path to:

  • Attracting a loving relationship
  • Making your relationship harmonious
  • Taking your relationship to the spiritual level

This is done in Three ways:

By first focusing and placing your energy on a higher more mature aspect of your Archetype, so you can elevate beyond your lower limited tendencies. This will attract a partner at your level.

Secondly by identifying the Archetype of your partner, knowing if they are operating out of their more mature or immature nature. This will empower you to harmonize with them at their level.

Thirdly by practicing your seed sound and harmonizing your energy with the person you want to be in a union, you can take your relationship to a higher spiritual level while staying in your own archetype.

The evolvement that happens is at times dynamic and quick, so the mind should be prepared because once you move up in consciousness it’s disappointing to regress again.

From here your convictions become stronger and stronger, to the point that you know exactly what you need and how to get it.

This is when the tide turns in your favor. The moment you know your Alphabet Archetype and what your nature is, you will also know the best Archetype which suits your future.

What You'll Learn

Once you have identified your Alphabet Archetype it will be time to do some work to go through the next stage, which is:

  1. Helping you dig the ‘ground’ and clear it from your past misconceptions and misunderstandings of what love is and what a balanced relationship is supposed to be like.
  2. Giving you the ‘tools’ so you can lay the foundation of your ‘improved higher mature self’ and make it from the strongest materials, so this groundwork never needs to be dug up again because of outside influences or past negative impressions.
  3. It will aid you with the correct knowledge so you can start to build the relationship of your karmic dreams and not the one of your past false misconceptions and limited desires.
  4. Give you direction in your new experience with powerful practices so you can wake up each day with a purpose towards life and a deep understanding of why your relationships matter so much.
  5. Support you in all the questions you have so at no point in this journey do you fall again or buy into promises that come from a voice other than the one coming from inside your heart, namely your intuition.

Who is this system designed for?

Singles determined to attract an equal partner in a loving relationship, after having many unfulfilling partnerships

Couples in a relationship looking to elevate together on a spiritual journey or evolve into their highest potential together

A person in a relationship coming alone to expand their knowledge of their own and their partner’s Archetype


The divorce rate among couples above 45 is rising dramatically while marriage for the people below 35 has dropped to an all time low.

These are all signs that a loving life long partnership is becoming more alluding and challenging for the majority of the world.

This One Day Event Will Be Hosted By

Sanjeev Verma

Sanjeev Verma is your master map reader and guide into the unknowns of Vedic Jotish Astrology. He has read charts and guided so many couples and singles over the past  20+ years. He will be taking you through the mysteries of how the planets affect your relationships and how using your Archetype together with your personal seed signature brings the most compatibility in all your connections with your partner or future love.

Yogini Jaima

 YJ will be your 'conscious' guide as she takes you through the sciences of the unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind and how you have a storehouse of old samskaras or old stale energy that needs to be cleared before the chance of experiencing a balanced relationship is possible. She will also be teaching practices to elevate you from the immature to the mature higher level of your Archetype. 

Yogi Cameron

YC will be guiding you through the connection between the body and mind health and why this is significant in having a loving and energized relationship. Your particular Archetype has a positive and also a negative challenging aspect to it which needs healing and rebalancing. Yogi Cameron will be teaching these healing practices during the event. 





“There are no hidden secrets to living your most exciting relationship. Once your Alphabet Archetype is revealed and you know the archetype of your present or future partner, life becomes a union of joy and contentment.” — Yogi Cameron

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