What is Ayurveda?

If yoga is an ancient science devoted to balancing the mind for the sake of self-realization and awareness, then Ayurveda is a sister science devoted to balancing the mind in relation to the body. Also many thousands of years old, Ayurveda was developed as a system for diagnosing imbalances in the body and mind in the form of illness, disease, and other symptoms of discomfort as well as treating those imbalances through the use of herbal medicine, treatments, and other natural remedies.

The traditions of Ayurveda teach us that we must pursue health not just through attaining proper functioning of the body, but that we must combine physical health with mental health, a vocational contribution to society that fulfills our sense of purpose, relationships that enrich rather than encumber our lives, maintenance of a healthy environment/habitat, and a commitment to spiritual growth.

This section of the site will teach you about the many different ways that Ayurveda can help you to attain the most balanced level of health possible. To access these pages, please refer to the side menu on the right.