Sample Routines

When the ancient sages developed Ayurveda and Yoga, they did so well before the age of computers, condos, and rush hour commutes. These various practices are intended to help us unify our mind and body with nature, and the relatively unnatural way that we pursue modern living can often make it difficult to remain tuned in to the commitment we've made to spiritual growth. Each person's schedule is different, each person's obligations are different, and each person's needs are different as well. With this in mind, this series of pages is here to provide you with a few sample routines that you may try to emulate as based on the specific demands of your schedule. It is always possible, of course, to combine and customize any one aspect of one of these routines with another. Regardless, they are here to start you off in not just taking initial action, but in following through-

so that those actions become important enough help you grow your patience and discipline. This will help your practice become a part of your lifestyle over time.