How is an enemy also a friend?
Why is tumeric good for you and in what form do you use it?
Dealing with Ulcerative Colitis
What is the cause of acne?
Why should we accept the wicked?
Why spend years practicing meditation?
Why do we meditate?
Why should people find a purpose in his or her life?
Who is my soul mate?
When things don't go as you wish. Does this mean it's not the right time yet?
How to work on results from the Dosha quiz
What's a good way to find happiness?
What would be the ideal number of meals to eat per day?
How to encourage men to talk about problems and take a stand?
What was your experience in Cambodia?
What's the best yoga class for a beginner?
What is the purpose of your life?
What is important to consider if interested in becoming a yoga teacher?
what is fear?
What is ayurveda?
What is a model guru?
What is a good way to get peace with your past?
What is a good way get more energy?
What inspired you to be an Ayurvedic and Yogic practitioner?
What food do you recommend for weight gain after an illness?
What does your daily food intake consist of?
What does the term "surrender to your thoughts" mean?
What do you think of Oil Pulling to clean the teeth?
What do you think meditation can offer to survivors of sex trafficking?
What do you like to enjoy for breakfast?
What do you hope to achieve at the summit?
What are your thoughts on the world ending either Mar 21st or Dec 2012?
Finding happiness whilst dealing with depression
Advice to become a Ayurvedic Practitioner?
What is The One Plan about?
How to rule out negative thoughts?
Dealing with digestive issues
Is it too late to changes paths and become a yogi at age 50?
Is it detrimental for Kapha body type to eat raw food?
Is free will a product of Evolution?
In what way does individual peace affect the economy of a country?
What's your perspective on love?
In "acceptance", what is the part of wisdom and the part of submission?
How to deal with anger issues?
Do I require health checks for being vegetarian?
How to determine your dosha when coming off meds?
The higher being
Dealing with being overweight
Dealing with dry skin
Dealing with an ulcer in the esophagus
Dealing with weight gain
How can I learn more about living peacefully and healthy?
Advice for starting as a Yoga Instructor?
Why are you going to Afghanistan?
Can you get inspiration through meditation?
Dealing with severe inflammation
Truth is what you find in meditation - do you agree?
How to be happy?
Dealing with fibroids
Dealing with feelings for a close friend
I feel no connection to my teacher teaching yoga- what are your thoughts?
Dealing with acne
If in the end we find out there is just one God, what would you ask?
Dealing with a slow metabolism
Dealing with perimenopause issues
How would you define peace?
How to discuss the difficult subject of sex trafficking?
How will you be participating in the summit?
Dealing with a marijuana addiction
How to live the Ayurveda way in modern times?
Getting motivated when dealing with obesity and age
How to use yogic beliefs to avoid conflict with others?
Dealing with depression and anxiety
How to stay positive?
How do you find inner peace?
How to deal with issues of injustice without your ego getting in the way?
How to stay focused whilst meditating?
How do I make friends?
How do I go from being less busy and more productive?
Mixing Yoga with body weight kettlebell training
How can we take the practice of yoga into everyday life?
How to avoid worrying about your body image?
Changing a negative life circumstance into a positive one
Dealing with psoroasis, stomach problems, diarrhea and acid reflux
Dealing with Psoriasis and Skin Issues
How can I cure eczema?
Can diverticulitus and Irritable Bowel Syndrome be cured with Ayurveda?
Controlling high anxiety
Calming the mind
How bad is alcohol?
How do I stop eating too much sugar?
Dealing with headaches and migraines
Dealing with adult acne
Ways to help anxiousness?
Any advice on bipolar disorder and glaucoma?
What can I take for pain in my knee?
Advice on giving up alcohol
Any herbs to help build up our immune system against flu and sore throats?
What do you think about botox and other face injection?
Ways that Ayurveda helps to balance the energies of people with Autism
Recommendation for preventing migraines
What are your hardest obstacles to progress in your journey?
Difference between aromatherapy and ayurvedic medicine
How can I have my own personal mantra?
Is meditating tiring?
Suggestions for herbs for fibroids
How can I gain more healthy weight?
Recommendations for getting rid of bags undereye caused by sinus issues
Do you think Ayurveda and Yoga can help cerebral palsy?
Getting rid of mucus build up
How does a yoga practice effect emotional energy in a positive way?
Are there any herbs to help with short attention deficit?
Recommendations for sun protection
Herbs in pill form- advice in mixing them?
How can I keep calm and happy everyday, and not get stressed?
What is the cause of heavy dreams?
Does political terror have any correlation to a person feeling fear & anxiety in their own lives?
Does Ayurveda offer any treatment for hair loss that is a result of stress?
Does a person's dosha change with age and how do you balance your dosha?
Does a person really need to follow the recommended calorie intake?
Is it possible for my body to adversely react to breast implants?
Do you see links between western and eastern philosophy?
Do you recommend cold showers or hot showers?
Recommendations for rebuilding self image and self esteem
Is it hard to work AND serve others in this US economic system?
Do you believe in soulmates?
Do you believe in God or any supernaturals?
Recommendations for dealing with dryness
How can one handle spiritual duplicity & hypocrisy?
Why is cooking food better than eating raw?
Recommendations for anxiety disorders
Help with psoriasis
A solution for migraine headaches
Can we change our fate and our world?
Does grief cause pain?
Can one treat and heal animals with ayurveda and yoga?
Can a deceased person still give you strength and direction in your life?
Recommendations for depression
Best practices for staying calm in annoying situations.
Any issues about interactions if we take multiple herbs together?
Are there any herbs to help with Diabetes type 1?
Are detachment and emotions incompatible?
Dealing with ichiness
Should we introduce children to yoga and meditation?
How to change my thoughts?
What information to trust for knowing what food to eat?
Diet and Yoga advice for the liver
Do we really need meat?
Suggestions for finding motivation for life changes
Why Yoga will change your life?
Why is Ayurveda a good alternative to using traditional medicine?
Assistance with PTSD and OCD
Dealing with RA
How can I apply an Ayurveda lifestyle to my diverse family?
Dealing with being HIV+
Dealing with Chronic Back Pain
Is there a way to reverse lung sensitivity, or strengthen my lungs through ayurveda?
What is an effective way to get rid of bad bacteria in the small intestine?
What is your Favorite Aerobic Exercise for Heart Health?
Dealing with Ankle, Knee & Feet Pain at Age 40